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Introduction to Python
~ 12 hours
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Introduction to Product Management
~ 8 hours
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Introduction to Data Science for Finance
~ 10 hours
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The Benefits of Learning Online With Us


Learn at your own pace

Enjoy the full Cognitir experience from the comfort of your home and study in your own time.


Tailored for non-technical folks

Our courses have been designed by industry experts. Thousands of business and finance professionals have graduated from our courses. We speak your language.


Course support

Join the community to discuss course-related questions during and after the course, work on projects together, and find valuable business contacts.


Graduate with new skills

Be ready to apply your new skills on the job. Join our growing alumni groups and boost your CV with a certificate of completion and new projects.

What Participants Say

"The material was very good, the notebooks were easy to understand, lots of explanation and comments (and not only just code). Easy to re-read, re-study in the future when needed."
– Daniel A.
"I like the exercise and input from others. The instructor is very knowledgeable and also like when she shows you how to troubleshoot and research."
– Perron R.
"There are a lot of exercises for me to practice the tools that I have just learned. The information is easy to follow and lecture notes are comprehensive and informative."
– Erica H.
"Really easy to follow even for programming beginner like me."
– Takuya A.